NIx San Francisco 2016

Be Inspired. Take Action. Come Create Your Own Success Story.

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Fort Mason Center Cowell Theatre
San Francisco, CA

This summer, get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit to solve some of the most pressing challenges at hand. Connect with budding entrepreneurs, hear from ventures that made it big, and get inspired to change the world and create your own success story at the NIx San Francisco event.



Hear from entrepreneurs paving the way in solving some of the world's biggest challenges.

What are we doing now to address these challenges?

Meet your future co-founder or mentor and change the world.



The issues that will be covered at NIx San Francisco include...

 Food: How will we feed the 9 billion people expected to live on our planet by 2050 - while also advancing rural development, curbing greenhouse emissions, and protecting valuable ecosystems?


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Social Equality: While most recognize the deep social inequality prevalent in our society, few feel comfortable addressing the issue in public. But until we do, we won't acquire the empathy for developing trust and working toward a more equitable and just society.


Transportation: We have more options than ever for traveling from one place to another, from car-sharing services and bike lane to new types of vehicles. Innovations abound, but questions remain for how we can make the most of this progress across the globe.



Climate: The change in the world's climate will soon influence everything we do - where we choose to live, how much water is available to us, and which plants and animals can thrive in our environment. Slowing climate change requires tough trade-offs and innovative approaches.


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