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What's Happening at NI Local San Francisco.

Welcome to the Conference Schedule! This includes Keynotes & Tracks outlined to the right. Create your own schedule and choose your tracks first come, first served on day-of!

TRACK A: Empower Yourself = Workshops & Skills Development

TRACK B: Learn from the Best = Inspiration & Discovery

TRACK C: Impact Communities = Taking Action Today

9:30AM - 10:00AM:       Registration

10:00AM - 10:10AM:       Welcome Address

                                       Tiffany Tran, Co-President, Net Impact San Francisco Professional Chapter

                                       Cristina Nicoara, NI Local Conference Co-Chair, NISF (emcee)

10:10AM - 10:40AM:       Keynote 1: Enabling Collective Impact

                                       Maab Ibrahim, Portfolio Manager, Google.org

                                       Veronica Ensign, Bay Area Executive Director, Defy Ventures

10:40AM - 11:10AM:        Keynote 2: The Passionate Pursuit of Sustainability

                                       Alan Ross, Professor, UC Berkeley

                                       Bonnie Nixon, Senior Partner, Environmental Resources Management

11:25AM - 11:55AM:        

                      Breakout Session 1

                                       TRACK A: Clarify Your Purpose, Amplify Your Impact

                                       Mary Shindler, Program Manager, EverwiseWomen

                                       Brittany Cheng, Product Manager at Yelp, and Alumni Board Member at YCore

                                       TRACK B: Building a Movement of Conscious Consumer Engagement

                                       Tiffany Tran, Sustainability Analyst, Annie's and Co-President of NISF (Moderator)

                                       Rafael Navarro, Business Development and Customer Service, Senda Athletics

                                       Kyle Parsons, Founder and President, Indosole

                                       Mischa Hedges, Founder & Chief Storyteller, TrimTab Media

                                       TRACK C: Making an Impact Now as a Young Professional

                                       Kana Hammon, Co-Founder and Executive Director, YCore

                                       Simon Shachter, Co-Founder and Board Chair, YCore

11:55AM - 12:35PM:        Lunch

12:35PM - 12:45PM:       An Offering of Meditation & Embracing Mindfulness

                                       Katja Davis, Development and Marketing Manager, A Home Within

12:45PM - 1:15PM:          Keynote 3: B Corps: Using Business as a Force for Good

                                       Ryan Hoffman, Partner, LIFT Economy (Moderator)

                                       Andrea Walker, Creative Media Evangelist, Beneficial State Bank

                                       Mike Hannigan, President and Founder, Give Something Back

1:15PM - 1:45PM:             Keynote 4: Many Pathways to Purposeful Careers

                                       Bonnie Nixon, Senior Partner, Environmental Resources Management (Moderator)

                                       Jenni Grant, Manager, Global Programs, Sustainability & Communication, Oracle

                                       Vaughn Maurice, Executive Director, WildCare

                                       Sammie Rayner, Co-Founder and COO, HandUp

2:00PM - 2:30PM:           

                      Breakout Session 2

                                       TRACK A: Shared Value, CSR, and Business as Usual: A Case Analysis

                                       Michael Murray, Senior Consultant, FSG

                                       TRACK B: Ecosystems and Wildlife: A Vision for Optimism

                                       Jonathan Evans, Environmental Health Legal Director and Senior Attorney, Center for Biological Diversity (Moderator)

                                       Tim O'Shea, Founder and CEO, CleanFish

                                       Phoebe Higgins, Director of California Fisheries Fund, Environmental Defense Fund

                                       TRACK C: How to Drive Social Impact From Within Your Organization

                                       Sean Rico Fisher, Associate, CR, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

                                       Patricia Nevers, Associate Manager, CR, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

2:45PM - 3:15PM:          

                      Breakout Session 3

                                       TRACK A: Design Thinking for Impact

                                       Natalia Vasquez, Impact Design Program Manager, Net Impact

                                       Maya Holm, Senior Associate at Net Impact

                                       TRACK B: Cross-Sector Lens to Clean Energy

                                      Jay Hirschton, CEO, Full Circle Fund (Moderator)

                                      Andreas Karelas, Executive Director, RE-volv

                                      Emily Fritze, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Powerhouse

                                      Sienna Rogers, Director, Grid Integration and Innovation, PG&E

                                      TRACK C: Dollars and Cents: How to Be a Big Donor Without a Big Bank Account

                                      Simon Shachter, Program Manager, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation

                                      Keith Calix, Chief of Staff, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation

3:30PM - 4:00PM:         Keynote 5: Kickstarting Social Impact in the Startup World

                                      Jeremy Brown, Founder, Startups Give Back (Moderator)

                                      Rachel Katz, Director of Social Innovation, AngelHack

                                      John Leonard, Senior Program Manager, Optimizely. org

                                      Lisa Boyd, Director of Operations, Development & Pledge Success, Pledge 1%

4:00PM - 4:30PM:         Keynote 6: Building Partnerships Across Public and Private Sectors

                                      Claire Kaufman, NI Local Conference Co-Chair (Moderator)

                                      Kathy Gu, Program Manager, Living Progress at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

                                      Valérie Bellande, Head of Development - Americas, Kiva

                                      Mackenzie Cane, Associate Director of Business Partnerships, Sierra Club

                                      Michael Scott, Major Gifts Officer, Center for Biological Diversity

4:30PM - 4:40PM:         Closing Remarks

                                      Lauren Whetstone, Co-President, Net Impact San Francisco Professional Chapter

4:40PM - 6:00PM:         Networking and Drinks