NISF Historical San Francisco Hike

For a fresh start to our new year, the Net Impact San Francisco professional chapter hosted its first event this season right in our backyard! On a gorgeous, sunny Saturday morning, 18 of us gathered in the second Day Use parking lot of Baker Beach, excited for our hike and history tour of Fort Point!

While surfers and hikers were preparing for their day's adventure, we all gathered in a circle and got to know each other, discovering we all shared quite a few things in common, in particular our interest in sustainability and drive to do more in the realm of CSR! From a day-old Premium member who had found out about us through our newsletter (sign-ups and more about benefits of membership here, to people searching for their next career change, to a historian and visiting professional from Russia, our diverse group was now ready to go!

With backpack full of donated Annie's snacks, and plenty of water, we all embarked on our hike along the Presidio and Batteries to Bluff trails, reaching Fort Point just in time for our guided tour! Many of us had never taken the opportunity to visit this national historic site of California, which is situated strategically right under the Golden Gate Bridge and entrance to the Bay! Upon its inception, military officials considered its position as the "key to the whole Pacific coast." We were surrounded by massive brick walls, and found out that between 1817 and 1867, Fort Point was the only fort of this era built on the West Coast and was admired as being the pride of the Pacific.

Storing guns and cannons, artillery and gunpowder, this historic landmark was built to protect our coast during the Civil War, and after World War II, preservation efforts were revived. On October 16, 1970, President Richard Nixon signed the bill creating Fort Point National Historic Site. The fort tells the story of its years spent guarding the Golden Gate, our national landmark of San Francisco. From atop the fort, our group could see across the Bay on a clear day, and looked down on the parade ground the housed a few historic cannons, and lighthouse that was added as a natural promontory from which to guide mariners through waters treacherous in fog. 

With so much to see and learn, we were so fascinated by the history that resided right on our doorsteps. We pondered over what we had experienced, and headed back towards Baker Beach, enjoying the sunshine and breeze, great company and discussions around how anyone can make an impact in their lives. Covering about 5 miles, our group had accomplished a great deal in just a few hours of the morning, and were so happy for the great start to their weekend in the Bay Area!

For more history on Fort Point, visit

Additional local guided tours are at:

From the National Park Service, on the park conservancy page, there are many volunteering events that happen almost daily, and we encourage the community to stay involved and continue to enjoy historic landmarks and our natural habitat! We hope to see everyone again soon. :)